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Revisiting the Classics
by Don McCunn

Links to Greeting Cards

The images shown below are are appropriate for 5" by 7" folded greeting cards with envelopes. See also, Links to Prints

'Faerie Magick' from 'Spirit of the Night' by John Atkinson Grimshaw 'Mermaids Lagoon' from 'A Mermaid' by, John William Waterhouse 'Venus Reborn' from 'The Birth of Venus' by Sandro Botticelli with pose from 'Venus de Milo' by Alexandros of Antioch 'Lady of the Lake' from 'Ophelia' by John Everett Millais with pose from 'Danaid' by Auguste Rodin
Faerie Magick Mermaids' Lagoon Venus Reborn Lady of the Lake
'Reflections' from 'Venus and Cupid' by Diego Velázquez 'Odalisque' from 'Large Odalisque' by Jean-August-Dominique Ingres 'Fair Game' from 'Diana Bathing' by François Boucher 'Flight Fantastic' from 'Heptu Bidding Farewell to the City of Obb' by John Duncan
Reflections Odalisque Fair Game Flight Fantastic
'Jungle Cats' from 'The Dream' by Henri Rousseau 'Portrait of a Woman' inspired by 'Bust of a Woman with a Hat' by Pablo Picasso 'Peacock' inspired by portraits of Marilyn Monroe by Andy Warhol
Jungle Cats Portrait of a Woman Peacock

Copyright © 2012 by Donald H. McCunn